Learn How to Renovate Properties in Your Own Backyard...
 Palm Beach Flippers are real estate investors doing renovations right in Palm Beach County  
   Just check out this amazing before & after kitchen remodel.  Wonder how much that cost, where the idea to rip out walls comes from, or even how to get that ugly house for a deal in the first place?

We actually fix what you can't see, perform permitted work and help our clients earn nice returns on their investments; and at the same time, teach them
and you how to do flips right.

Whether you want to become a client, renovate your own home, avoid renovation pitfalls, or become a flipper yourself, let Palm Beach Flippers take you behind the scenes of investing.

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Learn how to grow your wealth in real estate by tuning into watch "Palm Beach Flippers."  The team at 32 West Realty, led by Broker, Sharon Restrepo, hosts shows teaching their clients how to invest, renovate and benefit from cash flow in the hot South Florida real estate market. 

Tune in to learn how we renovate real estate for profit, as Sharon shares tips and strategies for buying real estate, "flipping" homes, growing a portfolio of rentals, and selling properties.

Our goal is to educate our clients. Whether local or International, our mission is to help them grow their wealth in real estate-based opportunities.  An educated client is a wealthy client.

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